SALLY’S WAY – the Movie


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Sally’s Way Premiere was at the Seattle Children’s International Film Festival 2015 Seattle Film Festival LaurelsMovie Poster in Seattle
Comments coming in response to a successful Premiere on January 31st…..“what a wonderful and moving film. It was a privilege to see the world premiere here in Seattle at the children’s film festival,and i hope many others have a chance to see this testimony to resilience and GIRL POWER from beautiful Trinidad.” Marie Huwe, Seattle
……”Love the fact that you guys from an island nation adopted Seattle and it’s football team while you were here. Seeing your film was much more inspirational than any accomplishment on the football field. Best of luck with it .” Matt Shannon, Seattle

Sally's Way film posterFinding her way in life Sally, a 12 year old girl, orphaned by HIV/Aids, uses her ingenuity to help her grandmother. Set in the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, the film has a universal message of how to grow despite the odds. So whether you are living a “Sally Life” or not this family film will resonate in a positive way. The movie is an adapted and expanded version of the children’s book by Joanne Gail Johnson – the book which was published by Macmillan is available at AMAZON. The film is produced by BCO Film.

ELIZABETH SHEPHARDElizabeth Shepherd – Director of Children’s Film Festival Seattle/ Youth Programs Director, Northwest Film Forum  – What a beautiful film this is. A great message for young people and their parents too. Alyssa Highly is fantastic as Sally –  so sympathetic, so lovely.  It really is a very nice all ages film. So much is joyful. I think children ages 8+ will best enjoy the film, because of the more serious elements of the story.