Alyssa Highly

Alyssa Highly plays Sally. She says she is very kind, fun and creative. In the film, Sally and I are the same when it comes to determination. In 2011, I entered my school`s calypso competition and came first. When I was five years old I started doing dance and later started doing drama with Noble Douglas (Lilliput Theatre.) Books are part of my life, they make who I am. That is why I am glad Sally`s Way was a book first! Strongly I believe that every one is unique in their own special way like Sally and the Dindial girls ! 🙂 This is my first film. I was last seen on stage in Trinidad as one of the kings many children in First Instincts production “The King and I”


Patt-Anne Ali

Patti-Anne Ali, one of Trinidad’s most accomplished actresses plays Mrs Dindial. Patti, with her company Sugar House has worked in the Performing Arts and Advertising Industries locally, regionally and internationally for over twenty years. She has acted and directed for the stage in New York, Texas and The Bahamas. Locally, Patti-Anne has numerous theatre, film and television acting, scripting, producing and directing credits. She has worked prolifically with local and regional Advertising Agencies and Production Companies as a copywriter/producer. She has acquired both Advertising and Theatrical Awards (Cacique 2006) and is a graduate of the Creative Arts Centre, UWI, Trinidad (1991) and the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, NY, (2007), both on scholarship. Patti-Anne brings a unique combination of experience and training to the arts or advertising table, seasoned with her own originality. She can be found on both linkedin and IMDB.



Alianna Isaac

Alianna Isaac plays Sharon one of the Dindial sisters. She loves to sing, so she enrolled in her school choir as Sacred Heart Girls R.C.While performing there she was approached by Mr Lee Sing to audition for one of the Dindial sisters. She also enjoys acting, arts and crafts and playing with young children. She hopes to follow a career in singing.

Sarah DeGale

Sarah DeGale plays Crystal one of the Dindial sisters. A first time in film she has shown much raw talent and initiative in developing this role

Marie Chan Durity

Marie Chan Durity who plays Aunt Thelma, has been on and off stage over a period spanning about 30 years.
During those years she worked with the Alternative National Theatre under the directorship of Errol Sitahal and the
late Davindra Dookie. She was also an active member of the Immortal Theatre Company with Bernard Hazel and Ricardo Nanton. She worked with Helmer Hilwig and Brian MacFarlane in Musical Theatre, and did chorus work with The Belevedere Choir.
Marie played the part of Zelina, the obeah woman, in Westwood Park, with Danielle Deifanthalia and did a short
film “Moksha” with Tony Hall. She also made a number of appearances as a cast member of Raymond Choo Kong, and Funny Farm productions.

Rachel Highly

Rachel Highly and Jadia-Marie, Alyssa’s real mother and sister play cameo roles as Sally’s mother and the young Sally


Eunice Alleyne

Eunice Alleyne – The perfect granny as personified by this accomplished actress of stage, radio, television and film is a founding member of the Trinidad Theatre Workshop. She has performed in numerous plays and toured extensively throughout the Caribbean, Canada and the US. In Europe she appeared in Derek Walcott’s “The Odyssey” in Italy and in Spain, where she performed in Spanish. She is the recipient of the 2003 National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT) Lifetime Achievement Award. She was recently seen as Grace in the award-winning play “Three Women” which she co-authored. Film credits include Asha Lovelace’s “Joebell and America”, Horace Ove’s “The Ghost of Hing King Estate”, and Horace Wilson’s “Happy/Sad”.

Hansley Ajodha

Experienced TV broadcaster and actor Hansley Ajodha plays Mr Dindial.

Conrad Parris

Conrad Parris plays Marvin the fruit stall holder. He has appeared on stage and screen as an actor for the past 19 years. He started his on-screen career in the television soap opera “Westwood Park”, as Paul Campbell. On film, Parris appeared in the feature-length films “The Ghost of Hing King Estate”, “Home Again”, and “Escape From Babylon”, and made turns in short films “The Midnite Affair”, and the online release “Noka: Keeper of Worlds”.
More about Conrad at

Remy Rembunction

Remy Rembunction – Dan is the man – Born Roland Yearwood , this multi-talented artist, has been involved in music, arts and entertainment from a very young age and has worked in all aspects of multimedia and music. He is well know for his work in front and behind the camera on countless music videos, commercials, documentaries and animated shorts His work has taken him throughout the Caribbean, The United States, Europe and Africa and he has enjoyed success as a producer, director, actor, playwright, videographer, cartoonist, animator, singer and songwriter.

Wendy Shepherd

Singing the theme song for Sally is the talented Wendy Shepherd. She is also appearing as a cameo. Growing up in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Wendy Sheppard began singing in early childhood. In her twenties she auditioned for one of Trinidad’s prominent choirs, and when accepted as a first soprano, she honed her voice on a mostly classical choral repertoire. With experience in pop and soft rock as well as Caribbean styles such as soca and calypso she later produced her own concerts and five major shows as well as two successful CDs. More recently she attended the famous Julliard school for more extensive vocal training.



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