Angostura Angostura-Corporate-LogoAngostura LLB, a lime lemon and bitters soft drink has been a main supporter of the project. Angostura Bitters is a West Indian classic and is used for many purposes by many people across the spectrum of diverse cultures in Trinidad and Tobago and across the world.
Making it happen and refreshing our thirst at the same time.

Sally's Way Crew

Joanne, Louris and Tracy toasting Angostura on set

Angostura LLB logo






Minstry of Trade, Industry and Communications LogoMinistry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications. Supporting the initiative and excellence in the arts and media communication


The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company. Without Trinidad and Tobago Film Company Logotheir support and faith in this project the script and production would still be on the drawing board. Always pleased to see them on set and grateful for the validation and means to make an effective start to making a Way for Sally.

TTFC umbrella

z On set – TTFC sponsoring Sally’s Way- sheltering the cast and crew